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Rating: 3.76/5 stars (49 ratings)

Xiao Xiao 9 Instructions

Press the up arrow to walk up, the down arrow to walk down, the left arrow to walk left and the right arrow to walk right. Press 'z' to punch. Press 'z' plus the up or down arrow keys to throw the enemy. Press 'x' to jump. 'press 'z' and 'x' together to jump and kick. Press 'c' to shield yourself.

Xiao Xiao 9 Walkthrough

Xiao Xiao 9 is an excellent stickman fighting game that pits you against the evil purple stickmen. This game has everything you could ask for in a fighting game - lots of bad guys to fend off at varying levels of difficulty and the moves to get them taken care of. You can easily protect yourself from even the bad guys with sticks by pressing 'c' and giving them a nice roundhouse kick, but do so sparingly. Each kick costs you a part of your life.

The best way to advance in this game is to take on the bad guys without sticks using your fists by pressing 'z' and save the protective kicks, the kicks you execute with 'c', for the baddies with the sticks. They deliver a lot of damage and they surround you quickly, so driving them back is the best way to save your life, even if it costs you a small bit of it in the process.

The graphics in this game are more than enough to keep the game entertaining without proving to be distracting. The backgrounds are fun without being so graphics heavy that they bog the game down. The controls are easy to understand and while the game is difficult, the controls are easy enough to master for even the novice gamer.

As you progress in the game, the levelss get steadily harder but in a gradual sort of way that eases you into the higher level of difficuly. It may be hard to beat the game, if not impossible, but it's enough fun to play that actually beating it hardly matters. It's a fun little game to kill some time, but wholly addictive at the same time. Don't be surprised if you find yourself coming back to this one again and again.